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Please Read before you decide to get an AKITA

Akita's are not for everyone they require a lot of time ,patience & an owner that is firm & fair someone who willing to put in the time & energy to make their pup the best he/she can be.

An Akita may not suit first time dog owner for the reasons above but in the RIGHT hands can & will make an exceptional & loyal companion .

Before embarking an the Akita journey ask yourself if this dog will fit into your life in 10yrs time as most will live beyond this.

Also take into consideration if a puppy is right for you or if you may be suited to an adult. Retired show dogs & retired breeding dogs are sometimes a great introduction to the breed & responsible breeders will de-sex before re-homing saving you the cost of such ,meet the dog prior to taking him/her home to ensure compatibility if able.

Most important of all de-sex & if you find your self unable to care for your pup/dog make sure the breeder is prepared to take the dog back for re-homing.

If not think twice before you purchase as breeders that will not take responsibility for what they breed should not be breeding in the first instance.